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Diocese of Meath

There is now a live online donation facility via the Diocese of Meath website (www.dioceseofmeath.ie) which allows individuals to donate either directly to the Parish of their choice or to one of the central Diocesan funds. There are two easy ways to use the electronic ‘Donate Buttons’ on the front page of the website. The first button is called ‘Parish Collections’. This button allows you to donate to any of our 69 Parishes towards the weekly collection or the Clergy collection. This money is credited to the central Diocese bank account and at the end of each month any monies collected will be directly transferred to the relevant local parish bank account by the Diocesan finance staff. The second button is called ‘Diocesan Collections’. This allows a donor to donate directly to the Central Diocesan fund, the fund for Sick and Retired Priests or the fund for the Education of Students for the Priesthood.