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Our Cemeteries

Conditions of Use of Plots

  1. Plots are available to people born in the parish or living in the parish. Plots are 9 x9 and cost €500.00. Payment must be settled on selection of plot.
  2. No headstone can exceed 5 feet in height and 3 feet in breadth. No surround other than kerbing to a maximum height of 5 inches is allowed. No statues or other decorations are allowed on the grave or on the kerbing or surrounds.
    Plans for headstones or monuments or embellishments must be presented and approved by the Cemetery Committee before groundwork / preparation for the headstone / monument / kerbing commences on the grave.
  3. On grave digging, only owners of mechanical diggers who have produced proof on adequate insurance cover at the Parish Office may enter the Cemetery.
  4. Any monument erected or any work carried out on a monument may only be done by people who have produced certificate of appropriate insurance at the Parish Office.
  5. At all times, the Cemetery Committee, reserve the right to dismantle any construction which they deem to be out of keeping with the ambience and appearance of the Cemetery.
  6. In Non Lawn areas of the Cemetery, no surround other than kerbing to a height of five inches is allowed.
  7. Planting of Trees or Shrubs is not allowed on graves as intrusive roots cause major problems with future opening of graves and adjacent graves.

New plots will not be allocated until the potential plot holder has signed a form agreeing to abide by these conditions of use.

Plots purchased cannot be transferred to other persons.

Since space is limited parishioners are recommended to conserve space to their future needs as much as possible.
The Cemetery Committee regrets that due to space depletion and a rapidly expanding parish, we cannot provide plots to non parishioners of the Parish of Bohermeen, Boyerstown & Cortown.
When erecting any headstone and/or kerbing on your grave you must adhere to the measurements indicated above: if you do not, you are using space allocated to another grave and you will be obliged to dismantle the construction.

Contact: Fr. A. Doyle P.P. on 046 907 3805