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First Steps

  1. Check availability of our Churches at the Parish Office (046 907 3805) or e mail and contact the local priest, Fr. Doyle (the solemniser) at least 12 months in advance bohermeenparish1@gmail.com.
  2. The booking of the Church for the marriage is deemed to be provisional until the freedom of the couple to marry in the Church is established.
    It is recommended that couples make a contribution for use of lights, heating etc. (€300.00)
  3. All couples must complete the Pre-Nuptial Inquiry and related forms in their local parish at least six months before they wish to get married.
  4. Contact ACCORD (www.gettingmarried.ie), Navan or another Accord Centre and register for pre-marriage course, at least 6 months in advance. Phone 046 902 3146
  5. Civil Preparation for Marriage
    Under a directive from the Civil Registrar’s Office (Sept 2007), couples must present themselves to the Civil Registrar at least 3 months before the date of the marriage. Along with personal data, the couple must give the name of the solemniser (priest) of the marriage to the Registrar.
    The Civil Registrar in time will give a Civil Registration Form to the couple.
    On the day of the marriage, the couple must take this Civil Form for signing to the Church.
    After signing by the Couple, Witnesses (best man and bridesmaid) and Priest the couple must them return the Signed Form to the Registrar’s Office within 1 month of the marriage.
    The address of the Registrar’s Office is Meath Enterprise Centre, Trim Rd, Navan. Phone 046 902 3209.

Marriage Papers

  1. When you have completed your Pre-Marriage Course, you may start the process of completing all the necessary paperwork.
    Couples themselves should approach the priest or the Parish Office. The couple must then complete a Marriage Booking Form. This form acts as a check-list well ahead of the wedding so as to ensure that, when it comes to filling out the Pre-Nuptial Inquiry Form, no serious obstacles arise.
  2. Get a copy of your Baptismal Cert (issued within the previous 6 months) from the Church, where you were Baptised.
  3. Get a Confirmation Certificate from the church where you were confirmed.
  4. Fill in a Prenuptial enquiry form with your local priest.
    The Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form ought to be completed no later than six months before the wedding is due to be celebrated.
  5. If you do not reside in our parish fill in a prenuptial form with your own local priest. He will then forward same to us.

 The Wedding Ceremony

  1. Couples are advised to discuss the ceremony with Fr. Doyle – readings, hymns, marriage rite etc.
  2. The Sacristan will prepare the Church on the day -they would appreciate greatly any details – gifts, mics for singing, altar servers etc.
  3. The use of extra candles in our Churches for wedding decoration is strictly disallowed under Church Insurance requirements. Flower decoration is recommended but removal of existing liturgical presentations is not allowed. Advice from the Sacristan is necessary.
  4. We expect guests and visitors to observe a respectful silence in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

We try to make your Wedding Day a most memorable occasion and these suggestions should help avoid any unnecessary complications both leading up to and on the actual day. If you have any further suggestions to make, please contact one of the priests or the Parish Office.