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SYNOD RESPONSES Feb 2022 Bohermeen, Cortown, Boyerstown

SYNOD RESPONSES TIDY SUMMARY Feb 2022           Bohermeen, Cortown, Boyerstown

DRAFT     # signifies these responses came up on a repeated basis

Question 1:  When you think of your experience of Church, what brings joy?      JOY

Mass and the Eucharist including

  • A good sermon  #
  • Music  #
  • Distribution of Communion to housebound
  • Mass on TV for sick and housebound  #


  • Baptisms,
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Baptisms  take place in St. Ultan’s Church, Bohermeen after 11.30am Mass on Sundays.

Please contact the Parish Office on 046 907 3805 between 9.30-1.00pm to arrange a date and receive a Baptism Registration form.

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Diocese of Meath

There is now a live online donation facility via the Diocese of Meath website (www.dioceseofmeath.ie) which allows individuals to donate either directly to the Parish of their choice or to one of the central Diocesan funds. There are two easy ways to use the electronic ‘Donate Buttons’ on the front page of the website. The first button is